NEW Collection! Coral Bay Collection


It’s finally ready for the world! My Coral Bay Collection, it’s a collection of patterns that I started working on last year, but it was before I really had a hold on designing in collections. Fast forward to this year and I’ve learned more and more about surface pattern design through courses and an online membership through Bonnie Christine, so I decided to round this collection out since it’s inspiration means so much to me!


This collection was inspired by a trip to St. John in the Caribbean, an island that had been devastated by Hurricane Irma just four months before our vacation there. We debated not going since the island was still working everyday to rebuild and get back on its feet, but it is a special island to us (it’s where my husband proposed!), and tourism is a large part of the island's livelihood. We decided to go, not knowing quite what to expect. When we got there, it was clear that there was alot more work to do but the people of the island and their reinforcements were working so hard on it every single day.


Despite that, the island itself was surprisingly green, the water was still it's usual stunning clear aqua blue, and the sea creatures were beaming under its surface. Nature’s resilience was truly beautiful and inspiring. I took pictures of plants, flowers, and landscapes and was inspired to do something with them to honor the island that brings so many people such joy.


My goal when creating collections like this in the future is to be able to give back a percentage of the profits to a cause that supports the original inspiration. It only makes sense to me! If something energized and inspired me to create something and put it out into the world, then it only makes sense to pay it back as a thank you! So if ever possible, that’s what I’ll do. In the meantime, I look forward to see what kinds of products these patterns will turn up on in the world! For now, full collection soon to be available on an array of products in my Society6 shop, and in my Spoonflower shop on fabric, gift wrap, and wall paper!


If you are an art licensor looking to view the full collection, send me a message here!

Kristen Duggan