New Passionflora Design Logo!

Time for a refresh!

When I made my first Passionflora Design logo (pictured below), I knew it most likely wasn’t going to be my forever logo and as a graphic designer who’s very aware of the importance of brand consistency, that killed me...


BUT. I also know myself and knew that if I didn’t just pick something to start with, I would agonize over the design of this logo for so long that it would become a stumbling block that would keep me from doing what matters more for this business: designing patterns! And I didn’t want that to happen either. So in this case, I decided to just go with it knowing that I could change it later down the road if I wanted, and it would be after my pattern design style emerged more anyways. Well, now I feel comfortable updating it to match my style a little better.

I was also weary back then of using a script font as I feel they can be a little trendy, but I think it makes sense since the handlettered nature of the typeface aligns with the hand painted feel I like to preserve in my patterns. So here it is! The new logo! 
Let me know what you think! 

Kristen Duggan