Thank you for stopping by! I'm Kristen Duggan, the creative mind behind Passionflora Design. This passion of mine is all about following my bliss; it's what makes me get into that "flow" where I completely lose track of time and become totally enamored by pouring all my energy into what I'm doing, whether it be drawing, painting with gouache or watercolor, editing designs in Photoshop, making repeatable patterns, or planning what's to come next. I love it all and this is simply where I love having a place to share my work with you all. 

As a kid I was always illustrating and writing stories, drawing on paper or wood blocks, painting rocks or ceramics, making dolls and sewing them with my mom, or just making things out of fabric and hot gluing yarn or beads onto it. Making and being creative is innate within me and I'm very thankful that I still get to spend so much time doing just that today.  I'm inspired most by nature; flora & fauna, mystic & magic, & geometric or tribal motifs. My work typically contains shades of watercolor to preserve the hand-painted feel.

From geometric to organic shapes, doodles to intricate details, my imagination takes shape in the form of surface design. Making these designs into a pattern that can be used on a myriad of things in the form of fabric, wallpaper, gift wrap, or even just as framed artwork is the fun part where the ideas are given life. I like to imagine what kinds of products these patterns could be used on, and seeing them come to life is awesome for me. 

To collaborate on a project or find out more, see my contact page here

Here's a pic of my sweet & silly Boston Terrier, Bonnie, who loves to sunbathe while I work in my loft studio space :)